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We don't like to think about it, but unexpected accidents or illnesses can occur when you and your family are traveling, and finding and paying for adequate medical attention can be very difficult. 

Healthcare costs around the world can be very expensive; hospitals can charge thousands of dollars per day. Without adequate insurance coverage, you could be responsible for medical costs that could have an immense impact on your personal finances. Why take this risk?


TTQ Travel provides you with appropriate insurance products according to your travel plan to make sure you have a wonderful trip.

Help cover emergency medical expenses while visiting Canada.

Get help covering unexpected medical expenses when you travel. 

Get help with medical expenses when studying away from home.

Get to Know Us

TTQ Travel is associated with JF Insurance Agency Group Inc. (JF) - a licensed brokerage firm incorporated in 1992. We are the leading private firm in providing Emergency Hospital and Medical coverage for Canadians, visitors across Canada and International students. We are recognized for our dedication to serve our clients on both an individual basis and association groups.

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