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Departure Date:Every Saturday

Departure Time:3: 30 AM

Departure Place:670 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa ON K1S 4E9


Price Inclusions:

Coach, guide, OPC compensation fund.

Price Exclusions: Taxes,Entrance tickets, personal consumptions and meals, travel insurance, recommendable service charge for driver and tour leader: Adult CAD$9 per day, Child CAD$7 (0-11 years old) per day.



Bonaventure Island (June - October)

(Adult CAD$9 | 0-12 years CAD$0)


Cruise for Bonaventure Islands and Rock Percé 

(Adult CAD$45 | 0-12 years CAD$25)


Forillon National Park

(Adult CAD$8.5 | 4-12 years CAD$0)


Harbour Hopper cruise of Halifax

(Adult CAD$53 | 6-15 years CAD$31.5)


Métis Garden 

(Adult CAD$24 | 3-13 years CAD$0)


6 Day Package(Mandatory)

(Adult CAD$75 | 6-15 years CAD$60)

(include:Hopewell Rocks Park, Confede- ration Bridge, Peggy’s Cove,Magnetic Hill, Covered Bridge, Cam- pbellton,Toll fees and parking fees etc.) 

Prices and itineraries are only for reference and could be changed without notice according to the seasons. TTQ Travel  reserves the right to cancel or change its routes if necessary.


*Each trip must be formed with a minimum of 10 travelers. 


  • Departure from Ottawa in the morning, we arrive in Mont Joli for lunch. After lunch, visit the Métis Garden, where we discover the vast variety of plants and flowers that will definitely broaden our horizons. Then go to Gaspésie.

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